Chattissgarh Electricity Board

The Chhattisgarh State was formed as per the Madhya Pradesh Reorganization Act 2000. The President of India gave his consent to this Act on the 25th August 2000. The Government of India subsequently set the first day of November 2000 as the day on which the State of Madhya Pradesh would be bifurcated into State of Chhattisgarh and State of Madhya Pradesh.

Chhattisgarh State Electricity Board was formed in accordance with the Section 5 of the Electricity Supply Act 1948 as per the Notification published in the gazette of the Government of Chhattisgarh dated 15th November 2000. Chhattisgarh State Electricity Board (CSEB) became functional w.e.f. 01.12.2000.

The Chhattisgarh State Electricity Board has been reorganized into following five companies in accordance with the provisions contained in the Electricity Act 2003 by the Govt. of Chhattisgarh vide Notification dated 19.12.2008.

Chhattisgarh State Power Generation Company Limited  (Genco)

Current Installed Capacity
Unit wise Installed Capacity, Date of Commissioning & Date of Commercial Generation
S.No. Unit No. Installed Capacity   (MW) Date of Commissioning Date of Commercial Generation
Thermal Power Stations (1786 MW)
1 Korba East Thermal Power Station (440 MW)
Power House No. II I 50 5-Sep-1966
II 50 16-May-1967
III 50 23-Mar-1968
IV 50 31-Oct-1968
Total 200
Power House No. III I 120 27-Apr-1976
II 120 5-Apr-1981
Total 240
2 Korba East, Dr. Shyama Prasad Mukherjee Thermal Power Station (500 MW)
I 250 30-Mar-2007 27-Jun-2008
II 250 11-Dec-2007 30-Nov-2008
Total 500
3 Korba West, HasdeoThermal Power Station (840 MW)
I 210 21-Jun-1983
II 210 31-Mar-1984
III 210 26-Mar-1985
IV 210 13-Mar-1986
Total 840
Hydel Power Stations (138.70 MW)
1 Mini-Mata Hasdeo Bango Hydel Power Station (120 MW)
I 40 21-Mar-1994
II 40 21-Nov-1994
III 40 11-Jan-1995
Total 120
2 Gangrel Hydel Power Station (10 MW)
I 2.5 2-Apr-2004 28-Jul-2004
II 2.5 29-Jun-2004 4-Aug-2004
III 2.5 17-Oct-2004 3-May-2005
IV 2.5 5-Nov-2004 23-May-2005
Total 10
3 Sikasar Hydel Power Station (7 MW)
I 3.5 3-Sep-2006
II 3.5 3-Sep-2006
Total 7
4 Korba West Mini/ Micro Hydel Power Station (1.7 MW)
I 0.85 12-Jan-2003
II 0.85 29-May-2009 4-Aug-2009
Total 1.7
Other Power Stations (6 MW)
1 Bhoramdev Co-Gen, Kawardha (6 MW)
I 6 10-Aug-2006
Total 6
Grand Total (Thermal + Hydel) 1924.7 MW

Chhattisgarh State Electricity Regulatory Commission(CSERC)  (Regulatory Commision)

The Chhattisgarh State Electricity Regulatory Commission was constituted by the Government of Chhattisgarh vide Notification No.3190/S/E/2002 dated 23/8/2002 read with Notification No. 432/R/352/03 dated 11/5/2004. The headquarters of the Commission will be at Raipur. The State government has appointed Shri S.K. Misra as the first Chairman and Shri Sarat Chandra as the first Member of the Commission. Shri Sarat Chandra retired on 22.03.08 and Shri B.K. Sharma has taken his place with effect from 24.03.08. Shri S.K. Misra retired on 30.06.2009 and Shri Manoj Dey has taken his place with effect from 01.07.2009.

The CSERC, under the provisions of Sec.86 of the Electricity Act, 2003, shall discharge the following functions:-
(a) determine the tariff for generation, supply transmission and wheeling of electricity, wholesale, bulk or retail, as the case may be, within the State.
Provided that where open access has been permitted to a category of consumers under Sec.42, the State Commission shall determine only the wheeling charges and surcharge thereon, if any, for the said category of consumers.
(b) regulate electricity purchase and procurement process of distribution licensees including the price at which electricity shall be procured from the generating companies or licensees or from other sources through agreements for purchase of power for distribution and supply within the State.
(c) facilitate intra-State transmission and wheeling of electricity;
(d) issue licenses to persons seeking to act as transmission licensees, distribution licensees and electricity traders with respect to their operations within the State.
(e) promote co-generation and generation of electricity from renewable sources of energy by providing suitable measures for connectivity with the grid and sale of electricity to any person, and also specify, for purchase of electricity from such sources, a percentage of the total consumption of electricity in the area of distribution licensee;
(f) adjudicate upon the disputes between the licensees and generating companies and to refer any dispute for arbitration;
(g) levy fee for the purposes of the Act.
(h) specify State Grid Code consistent with the Grid Code specified by the Central Electricity Regulatory Commission.
(i) specify or enforce standards with respect to quality, continuity and reliability of service by licensees;
(j) fix the trading margin in the intra-State trading of electricity, if considered, necessary;
(k) discharge any functions as may be assigned to the Commission under this Act.
(2) The State Commission shall advise the State Government on all or any of the following matters, namely:-
(i) promotion of competition, efficiency and economy in activities of the electricity industry.
(ii) promotion of investment in electricity industry;
(iii) reorganization and restructuring of electricity industry in the State;
(iv) matters concerning generation, transmission, distribution and trading of electricity or any other matter referred to the State Commission by that Government.
(3) The State Commission shall ensure transparency while exercising its powers and discharging its functions.
(4) In discharge of its functions, the State Commission shall be guided by the National Electricity Policy, National Electricity Plan and Tariff Policy published under Sec.3 of the Electricity Act, 2003.


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