Himachal Pradesh Electricity Board

Himachal Pradesh State Electricity Board (HPSEB)

Himachal Pradesh State Electricity Board (HPSEB) was Constituted on the 1st day Sept, 1971 in accordance with the Electricity Act 1948, like other electricity board in the country , The HPSEB was responsible for promoting the Coordinated development of power Potential, Generation, Transmission, Distribution of electricity within the State in the most Efficient and Economical manors .In accordance Electricity Act 1948 , the HPSEB is Constituted with Seven Member including Chairman which Constitute the full Board.Out of Seven Member Six are whole time Member including the Chairman.Himachal Pradesh has high altitude ranging from 350 to 6975 meters with climate conditions varying from semi-tropical to semi-arctic.The total population of Himachal Pradesh as per 2001 census was 61,77,248 with population density being 93 persons per sq. Km.

Some of the milestone achieved by HPSEB are:

  • First hill state in the country to achieve 100% electrification of all census village in the year 1988.
  • Its  consumer coverage has touched 98% as per REC’s survey & they have been adjudged one of the best Board’s in the country.
  • Installed and commissioned a power house which is at the highest altitude in the world (Rongtong Power House at an altitude of approx. 12,000 ft.)
  • Installed and commissioned a totally underground Power House which is unique  in Asia (Bhaba Power House – 120 MW).
    S.N. Name of Project Name of Basin Installed capacity(MW)
    1 Andhra Yamuna 16.95
    2 Giri Yamuna 60.00
    3. Gumma Yamuna 3.00
    4. Rukti Satluj 1.50
    5. Chaba Satluj 1.75
    6. Rongtong Satluj 2.00
    7. Nogli Satluj 2.50
    8. Bhaba Satluj 120.00
    9. Ganvi Satluj 22.50
    10. Binwa Beas 6.00
    11. Gaj Beas 10.50
    12. Baner Beas 12.00
    13. Uhl-II (Bassi) Beas 60.00
    14. Larji Beas 126.00
    15. Khauli Beas 12.00
    16. Sal-II Ravi 2.00
    17. Holi Ravi 3.00
    18 Bhuri Singh P/House Ravi 0.45
    19 Killar Ravi 0.30
    20 Thirot Ravi 4.50
    Total 466.95

H.P Electricity Regulatory Commission (Regulatory Commission)



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