NTPC Limited

  • Type–    State Owned Enterprise; Public Limited
  • Founded–     Nov 7,1975
  • Head Quarter–   Delhi, India
  • Chairman & Managing Director–   Arup Roy Chaudhary
  • Revenue–    Rs 50,188.52 crore (US $10.89 billion) (2009-10)
  • Net Income–    Rs 8,837.65 crore(US $ 1.92 billion) (2009-10)
  • Employee–   25,944(2009)
“To be the world’s largest and best power producer, powering India’s growth.”
“Develop and provide reliable power, related products and services at competitive prices, integrating multiple energy sources with innovative and eco-friendly technologies and contribute to society.”

NTPC Limited (Formerly National Thermal Power Corporation) is the largest state-owned power generating company in India. Forbes Global 2000 for 2009 ranked it 317th in the world. It is an Indian public sector company listed on the Bombay Stock Exchange although at present the Government of India holds 84.5%(after divestment the stake by Indian government on 19october2009) of its equity. With a current generating capacity of 31134 MW, NTPC has embarked on plans to become a 75,000 MW company by 2017. It was founded on November 7, 1975.
NTPC’s core business is engineering, construction and operation of power generating plants and providing consultancy to power utilities in India and abroad.

The total installed capacity of the company is 31134 MW (including JVs) with 15 coal based and 7 gas based stations, located across the country. In addition under JVs, 3 stations are coal based & another station uses naphtha/LNG as fuel. By 2017, the power generation portfolio is expected to have a diversified fuel mix with coal based capacity of around 53000 MW, 10000 MW through gas, 9000 MW through Hydro generation, about 2000 MW from nuclear sources and around 1000 MW from Renewable Energy Sources (RES). NTPC has adopted a multi-pronged growth strategy which includes capacity addition through green field projects, expansion of existing stations, joint ventures, subsidiaries and takeover of stations.

NTPC has been operating its plants at high efficiency levels. Although the company has 18.79% of the total national capacity it contributes 28.60% of total power generation due to its focus on high efficiency. NTPC’s share at 31 Mar 2001 of the total installed capacity of the country was 24.51% and it generated 29.68% of the power of the country in 2008-09. Every fourth home in India is lit by NTPC. 170.88BU of electricity was produced by its stations in the financial year 2005-2006. The Net Profit after Tax on March 31, 2006 was INR 58,202 million. Net Profit after Tax for the quarter ended June 30, 2006 was INR 15528 million, which is 18.65% more than for the same quarter in the previous financial year. 2005).

Pursuant to a special resolution passed by the Shareholders at the Company’s Annual General Meeting on September 23, 2005 and the approval of the Central Government under section 21 of the Companies Act, 1956, the name of the Company “National Thermal Power Corporation Limited” has been changed to “NTPC Limited” with effect from October 28, 2005. The primary reason for this is the company’s foray into hydro and nuclear based power generation along with backward integration by coal mining.

(NTPC) is in the 138th position in Fortune 500 in 2009.

The company has also set a serious goal of having 50000 MW of installed capacity by 2012 and 75000 MW by 2017. The company has taken many steps like step-up its recruitment, reviewing feasibilities of various sites for project implementations etc. and has been quite successful till date.

NTPC Headquarters

NTPC Limited is divided in 6 HQ.

Sr. No. Headquarter City
1 NCRHQ Delhi
2 ER-I, HQ Patna
3 ER-II, HQ Bhubaneshwar
4 NER Lucknow
5 SR HQ Hyderabad
6 WR HQ Mumbai

NTPC Plants

Thermal based

Sr. No. City State Inst.Capacity
1 Singrauli Uttar Pradesh 2,000
2 Korba Chhattisgarh 2,100
3 Ramagundam Andhra Pradesh 2,600
4 Farakka West Bengal 1,600
5 Vindhyachal Madhya Pradesh 3,260
6 Rihand Uttar Pradesh 2,000
7 Kahalgaon Bihar 2,340
8 NCTPP, Dadri Uttar Pradesh 2,310
9 Talcher Kaniha Orissa 3,000
10 Unchahar Uttar Pradesh 1,050
11 Talcher Thermal Orissa 460
12 Simhadri Andhra Pradesh 1,000
13 Tanda Uttar Pradesh 440
14 Badarpur Delhi 705
15 Sipat-II Chhattisgarh 1000
16 Sipat-I(erection phase) Chhattisgarh 1980
17 Bongaigaon(erection phase.) Assam 750
Total 25,815

Coal Based (Owned by JVs)

Sr. No. City State Inst.Capacity
1 Durgapur West Bengal 120
2 Rourkela Orissa 120
3 Bhilai Chhattisgarh 574
4 Nabinagar Bihar 1980 (660MWx3)
5 Kanti Bihar 110
Total 2904

GAS based

Sr. No. City State Inst.Capacity
1 Anta Rajasthan 413
2 Auraiya Uttar Pradesh 652
3 Kawas Gujarat 645
4 Dadri Uttar Pradesh 817
5 Jhanor Gujarat 648
6 Kayamkulam Kerala 350
7 Faridabad Haryana 430
Total 3995

NTPC Hydel

The company has also stepped up its hydel projects implementation. Currently the company is mainly interested in the North-east India wherein the Ministry of power in India has Projected a Hydel power feasibility of 3000 MW.Run of the river Hydro Project

There are few run of the river hydro projects are under construction on tributory of ganga. In which 3 are being made by NTPC Limited. These are:

1. Loharinag Pala Hydro Power Project by NTPC Ltd: In Loharinag Pala Hydro Power Project with a capacity of 600 MW (150 MW x 4 Units). The main package has been awarded. The present executives’ strength is 100+. The project is located on river Bhagirathi(Tributory of Ganga) in Uttarkashi district of Uttarakhand state. This is 1st project in downstream from origin of Ganges at Gangotri.

2. Tapovan Vishnugad 520MW Hydro Power Project by NTPC Ltd: In joshimath city

3. Lata Tapovan 600MW Hydro Power Project by NTPC Ltd: Also in Joshimath (Under Environmental Revision)

4. Koldam Hydro Power Project 800 MW in Himachal Pradesh (130 km from Chandigarh)

5. Amochu in Bhutan

6. Rupasiyabagar Khasiabara HPP, 261 MW in Uttarkashi, near China Border.



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