Load Dispatch Centre


The Load Despatch Department is the nerve centre for the operation , planning , monitoring and control of the power system . Electricity cannot be stored and has to be produced when it is needed. It is therefore essential that power system is planned and operated optimally & economically. This is the main objective of Load Despatch Centre. The objective of Load Despatch Department are:

  1. Matching the power demand with system integrity , reliability and security of generation and transmission facilities
  2. Regulating the system frequency .
  3. Optimum utilisation of resources.
  4. Quick restoration of normalcy after system disturbances.

Thus the objectives of Load Despatch Department is to co-ordinate generation , transmission and distribution of electricity from moment to moment to achieve maximum security and efficiency. The functions of Load Despatch Department are Dynamic in nature. While performing the functions the policies laid down by management are strictly followed. In Maharashtra State Electricity Board (MSEB) the policies that govern the operation of Load Despatch Department are:

  1. Economy of generation, transmission and distribution of supply of electric power to the consumers.
  2. Continuity and high reliability of power supply.
  3. Safety of equipment.

Responsibilities of State Load Despatch Centre

  • Demand Estimation for operational purpose.
  • Scheduling for Merit Order Despatch.
  • Regulating Generation Load Balance.
  • Schedule for Central Sector Drawl & Regulate it.
  • Monitor bilateral power supply agreement.
  • Maintain system frequency in 49.0 Hzs to 50.5 Hzs range.
  • Outage planning and monitoring.
  • Restoration procedure planning and implementation.
  • Reactive power management and voltage control.
  • Load Shedding Implementation.
  • Coordination with RLDC And other constituents.

Functions of the State Load Despatch Centre

  1. The Regional Load Despatch Centre shall be the apex body to ensure integrated operation of the power system in the concerned region.
  2. The Regional Load Despatch Centre shall comply with such principles, guidelines and methodologies in respect of the wheeling and optimum scheduling and despatch of electricity as the Central Commission may specify in the Grid Code.
  3. The Regional Load Despatch Centre shall –
    • be responsible for optimum scheduling and despatch of electricity within the region, in accordance with the contracts entered into with the licensees or the generating companies operating in the region;
    • monitor grid operations;
    • keep accounts of the quantity of electricity transmitted through the regional grid; Compliance of directions.Transmission within a State regional grid;
    • exercise supervision and control over the inter-State transmission system; and
    • be responsible for carrying out real time operations for grid control and despatch of electricity within the region through secure and economic operation of the regional grid in accordance with the Grid Standards and the Grid Code.
  4. The Regional Load Despatch Centre may levy and collect such fee and charges from the generating companies or licensees engaged in inter-State transmission of electricity as may be specified by the Central Commission.


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