Maharashtra Electricity Board

Maharashtra State Power Generation Co Ltd. (MSPCL) (DISCO)

Maharashtra State Power Generation Co Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “The Company”) has been incorporated under Indian Companies Act 1956 pursuant to decision of Govt. of Maharashtra to reorganize Erstwhile Maharashtra State Electricity Board (herein after referred to as “MSEB”). The said reorganization of the MSEB has been done by Govt. of Maharashtra pursuant to Part XIII read with section 131 of The Electricity Act 2003. Mahagenco has been incorporated on 31.5.2005 with The Registrar of Companies, Maharashtra, Mumbai and has obtained Certificate of Commencement of Business on 15.09.2005. Mahagenco is engaged in the business of generation and supply of Electricity and has been vested with generation assets, interest in property, rights and liabilities of MSEB as per Gazette Notification dated 4th June 2005 issued by Industry, Energy and Labour Dept of Govt of Maharashtra pursuant to section 131 of Electricity Act 2003.

Following is composition of the Current Board of Directors of the Company (As on 1st Oct.2010)

Shri Subrat Ratho, Chairman & Managing Director
Shri Rahul Asthana, Pr. Secretary (E), GoM & Director
Shri Subrat Ratho, MD, MSEB Holding Co. Ltd
Shri. Chandrakant S. Thotwe , Director (Projects)
Shri G.J.Girase, Director (Finance)
Shri M.R.Shelar, Director (Operations)

As per Articles 75 & 77 of Articles of Association of the Company Chairman, Managing Director and other Directors of the Company shall be nominated by MSEB Holding Company Ltd. The desired qualifications and experience of the Directors of the Company has been prescribed in Article 78 of the Articles of Association of the Company.

Sr. No. Power Station Units   &    MW Total MW
Thermal Power Stations
1 Koradi TPS 4    *            105
1    *            200
2    *            210
2 Nashik TPS 2    *            125
3    *            210
3 Bhusawal TPS 1    *              55
2    *            210
4 Paras TPS 1    *              55
1    *            250
5 Parli TPS 2    *              20
3    *            210
1    *            250
6 Khaparkheda TPS 4    *            210 840
7 Chandrapur TPS 4    *            210
3    *            500
Hydro power StationS
8 Koyna Hydro Power Station 4    *              70
8    *              80
4    *            250
Small Hydro Power Stations 424
Gas Based power Station
9 Uran G. T. 3    *               60
4    *             108
Waste Heat Recovery (WHR) 2    *             120 240
Total Installed Capacity of MSPGCL 9996

Maharashtra State Electricity Transmission Corporation Limited(MSETCL) (TRANSCO)

  • Chairman & Managing DirectorShri Arvind Singh

The functions of the State Transmission Utility shall be–
(a) to undertake transmission of electricity through intra-State transmission system;
(b) to discharge all functions of planning and co-ordination relating to intra-State transmission system with–
(i) Central Transmission Utility;
(ii) State Governments;


1 500 KV HVDC 2 3582 1504
2 400 KV 18 12350 6505
3 220 KV 147 25561 12099
4 132 KV 231 15055 10573
5 110 KV 33 1888 1657
6 100 KV 25 1955 679
7 66 KV 42 1139 3270
TOTAL 498 61530 36287

Maharashtra State Electricity Distribution Company Limited (MSEDCL) (DISCO)

Maharashtra State Electricity Distribution Company Limited (MSEDCL) came into existence on June 6, 2005 after unbundling the erstwhile Maharashtra State Electricity Board into four companies. MSEDCL is also known as Mahavitaran or Mahadiscom. Mahadiscom is one of the largest public sector company engaged in the business of electricity distribution with annual turnover of Rs. 21,278 Crores. It serves 156.96 Lakh consumers in Maharashtra State with a committed pool of over 75000 employees.

Customer profile is as follows:

Sr No Category of consumers As on 31.03.2008 (in Lakh)
1 Domestic 114.94
2 Commercial 11.69
3 Industrial 3.24
4 Agriculture 25.95
5 Others 1.14
Total 156.96

Maharashtra Electricity Regulatory Commission(MERC) (Regulatory Commission)

The MERC was established on August 5, 1999 under the Electricity Regulatory Commission Act, 1998, a Central Act which was superceded by Electricity Act (EA), 2003. The Commission is continued as provided under Section 82 of the EA, 2003. The Act was mandated to promote competition, efficiency and economy in the power sector and to regulate tariffs of power generation, transmission and distribution and to protect the interests of the consumers and other stakeholders.

Functions of the Commission

The functions of the Commission as stated under the Section 86 of the Electricity Act (EA), 2003 are as following:

  • To determine the tariff for generation, supply, transmission and wheeling of electricity, wholesale, bulk or retail, as the case may be within the State
  • To regulate electricity purchase and procurement process of distribution licensees including the price at which electricity shall be procured from the generating companies or licensees or from other sources through agreements for purchase of power for distribution of supply within the State
  • Facilitate intra-State transmission and wheeling of electricity
  • Issue Licences to persons seeking to act as transmission licensees, distribution licensees, and electricity traders
  • Promote cogeneration and generation of electricity from renewable sources of energy
  • Adjudicate upon the disputes between the licensees and generation companies and to refer any dispute for arbitration
  • Levy fee for the purposes of this Act
  • Specify State Grid Code
  • Specify or enforce standards with respect to quality, continuity and reliability of service by Licensees
  • Fix the trading margin in the intra-State trading of electricity, if considered, necessary
  • Discharge such other functions as may be assigned to it under this Act
  • Advise the State Government as mandated under Section 86(2) of the EA, 2003

Utilities / Licensees

The following utilities / licensees are operating in Maharashtra State:
1) Maharashtra State Electricity Distribution Co. Ltd.
2) Maharashtra State Electricity Transmission Company Ltd.
3) Maharashtra State Power Generation Co. Ltd.
4) Maharashtra State Transmission Utility
5) Reliance Energy Ltd.(now known as Reliance Infrastructure Limited)(Distribution,Transmission and Generation)
6) The Tata Power Company Ltd. (Distribution, Transmission and Generation)
7) BEST Undertaking
8) Mula Pravara Electric Co-operative Society Ltd.
9) Global Energy Ltd. (for intra-State Trading Licensee)



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