MNRE Launches DIREC Report

As a follow up to the successful Delhi International Renewable Energy Conference 2010, the Ministry of New and Renewable Energy has announced the launch of the DIREC Report.

The DIREC Report is a comprehensive overview of the three day Conference held in October, 2010 which focused on Up scaling global effort for joint research and development and technology transfer models; Innovative financing and funding for mainstreaming renewables; rural development; and Sustainable renewable energy business models for grid / decentralized applications etc.

DIREC sent an important signal for the global mainstreaming of renewables and highlighted the significant role of renewable energy in advancing access to energy and economic development. The Conference outlined the need for global leadership to ensure that the potential of renewable technologies are realized, dependence on fossil fuels is reduced and energy needs of countries across the globe are met at affordable rates. DIREC 2010 also showcased and became a launching pad for concrete initiatives undertaken by the public and private sectors to promote widespread adoption of cost-effective renewable energy technologies, especially in the context of developing countries.

In order to maintain the thematic continuity that runs through the International Renewable Energy Conferences starting with Bonn 2004, Beijing 2005, Washington 2008 and Delhi 2010, the Renewable Energy Policy Network for the 21st Century Secretariat has been authorised by the MNRE to pursue on the following activities on DIREC, 2010:

1. Build the bridge between DIREC 2010 and the next IREC in Abu Dhabi in 2013

2. Keep track of the progress made on the DIREC pledges with a focus on these pledges;

3. Help to create new investment opportunities, build local capacity, and remove barriers to the introduction of clean, more efficient technologies.

4. Document what needs to be done in the lead up to IREC 2013;

5. Track the progress made on the four themes that were addressed at DIREC: technology and infrastructure, policy, finance, energy access and MDGs;

6. Present the status of the pledges to the IREC 2013 and

7. Design the DIREC International Action Programme award programme.



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