Moser Baer Clean Energy Limited commissions largest solar power capacity

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 Moser Baer Clean Energy Limited(MBCEL) commissioned Asia’s largest solar farm in Banaskantha district of Gujarat. The 30 MW solar farm has been set up using 2,36,000 Thin Film modules with an approximate investment of Rs 465 crore. The power will be evacuated through 2 separate 66 KV lines to Sub-Stations at Anganwada and Dunawada.This project awarded under phase 1 of Gujarat Solar Power policy 2009 will be the first major project commissioned under the Gujarat Solar Mission.

With 11 MW of existing solar power generation capacity, Gujarat is country’s largest solar power producer today. With MBCEL adding 30 MW of renewable generation capacity, Gujarat is strengthening its position in the country. Gujarat chief minister Narendra Modi will unveil this project on Friday. MBCEL is commissioning yet another 15 MW solar power project in the state.

Ratul Puri, chairman of Moser Baer Projects, said: “The state of Gujarat is seen as one of the best solar power generation destinations due to its progressive solar policies, stable political and economic conditions and more importantly abundant availability of the day light. We could not have completed this project in a record time without the support and guidance of the state government. According to reports the state of Gujarat is considered to have the 2nd highest renewable energy generation potential state in the country.”

He further added, “As solar power is clean, abundantly available and reduces carbon emission, the Company is incessantly working towards commissioning of 300 MWs of solar projects in the next 12 months in India, Germany, Italy and UK. We shall have 100 MW operational capacity by the end of October, 2011 and plan to install more than 5 GWs by 2020.” Moser Baer Projects is the parent company of MBCEL.

KN Subramaniam, CEO, Moser Baer Solar Systems said: “The farm has been designed to encompass ponds, village roads etc in it and yet generate electricity on such a large scale. Today our country needs energy not only to reduce the dependence on the fossil fuel based power but also to provide access to basic electricity in far fetched rural areas. By using sun as the renewable source of power, we will be able to address both these requirements.”

Akhil Gupta, Chairman of Blackstone India and an investor in MBPPL said “We are excited about the potential of the energy sector as demonstrated by our largest investment in India — a $300 million commitment to Moser Baer Projects. The Blackstone Group and Moser Baer are committed to building India’s infrastructure through sustainable means in partnership with local communities.”

Rajya W. Ghei, Country Head, MBCEL said: “We have used about 2,36,000 Thin Film modules including that of Moser Baer Solar is the only solar company in the world to be awarded a 5-star rating for quality by TUV Rheinland for two years in a row. This solar farm will generate about 52 million Kwh which should provide electricity for 50000 homes everyday. Additionally it will save about 50000 tonnes of carbon emission annually making this farm a beacon for other developers to follow.”

He added, “We selected Thin Film solar PV modules as they are best suited climatic conditions in Gujarat and are known to generate more electricity than the assured levels.”

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