The India Solar Market: Strategy, Players, and Opportunities

With the continuing maturation of national and state-level policy, India is now at the forefront of emerging solar markets globally. GTM Research and BRIDGE TO INDIA forecast India’s total solar installations to expand from just 54 MW in 2010 to more than 9,000 MW by 2016.

The India Solar Market: Strategy, Players, and Opportunities report is a comprehensive analysis of the market’s emergence and includes the latest on solar policy roadmaps, state-by-state demand drivers, domestic manufacturing and technology positioning. It also features primary perspectives on the market’s most pressing questions, from interconnection and permitting to off-grid and rural solar solutions.

Forming a coherent model to capitalize on India’s gigawatt-scale expansion will be crucial for global firms looking to enter the market in the coming years. While currently dominated by lesser-known local players, the competitive landscape has already engendered a series of domestic-foreign partnerships and JVs that are becoming the entry models of choice for industry incumbents. This report pinpoint the opportunities, timeframe and obstacles for industry leaders looking for meaningful entry into the scaling Indian market.

Figure: India Project Developer Taxonomy

(Source: GTM Research)


  • Demand forecasts by state through 2016.
  • Detailed policy analysis on India’s National Solar Mission (NSM) and state-level analysis on Gujarat, Rajasthan, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Maharashtra, Orissa, Delhi and Andhra Pradesh.
  • Factors affecting project bankability and the models that developers and financiers are employing to achieve bankability.
  • Analysis of the competitive landscape for project developers, as well as foreign developer and EPC strategies for engaging the market.
  • Breakdown of India’s domestic module market, with domestic production share by manufacturer.
  • Examination of opportunities in off-grid solar, including telecom tower and rural electrification markets.


  • When can the global solar industry expect Indian demand to ramp up?
  • What are the strategic entry models available for gaining an early foothold in the market?
  • Which states provide the most stable solar policies and advantageous incentive regimes?
  • Why is project bankability a problem in India, and what are the keys to achieving it?
  • How are supply-side domestic content requirements shaping up?
  • Do distributed solar markets, such as rural electrification, provide meaningful business opportunities?

At over 100 pages, GTM Research and BRIDGE TO INDIA provide a definitive, primary analysis of the strategic dynamics that will continue to influence India’s solar trajectory and imminent growth.



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