CERC comes to rescue Reliance Discom

NTPC and PGDCIL had requested NRLDC to regulate power supply from mid night of December 31 to Delhi as Reliance Discoms have failed to pay their dues. CERC has directed for status quo.
CENTRAL ELECTRICITY Regulatory Commission (CERC) has come to the rescue of Reliance Discoms BSES Rajdhani Power Limited and BSES Yamuna Power Limited by directing NTPC and Power Grid not to resort to the regulation of power supply. NTPC has now held out an imminent

NTPC had threatened for regulation of power supply as Reliance Discoms had failed to clear outstanding dues of Rs. 428 crore. NTPC on December 24 had asked the Discoms for immediate payment of outstanding dues and establishing of consolidated Letter of Credit (LC) with a validity of one year failing which the regulation of power supply would commence from the midnight of New Year.

Discoms has sought grant of a moratorium period of six months before the payment schedule commences and permission to pay the arrears in six equal monthly installments along with applicable interest.

NTPC and PGCIL had contended that billing the Discoms was in accordance with the regulations and orders of the Commission.  CERC directed the NTPC and PGCDIL to maintain status quo and not to resort to the regulation of power supply till January 7

It may be added that Delhi Government has added Rs. 500 crore as equity to bail out Reliance Discoms. Meanwhile TATA Company NDPL has sought similar benefits to its company as it is supplying power on same rate and terms and conditions.



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