Gamesa sets up a manufacturing unit in Vadodara

Gamesa, a company in the wind energy segment, has set up a factory in Vadodara, Gujarat with an investment of Rs 175 crore to manufacture wind turbines for the burgeoning wind power market.

The company plans to manufacture 390 units by 2013. The newly operating plant is a part of the announcement made by the company in March 2011 to invest over Rs 400 crore in India to strengthen the company’s manufacturing base in India in order to tap rising demand in the country’s wind energy market.

The blade factory will primarily supply India’s northern states, including Gujarat, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra, which offer promising wind energy potential.

“This marks another step towards cementing our manufacturing base in India, where we are also implementing our best technology and practices in wind turbine production,” said Gamesa India’s Chairman and Managing Director Ramesh Kymal.

Gamesa now has a market share of over 10 percent and India now accounts for 20% of the MW sold by Gamesa worldwide. According to the Indian Wind Turbine Manufacturers Association, it is the country’s third largest wind energy manufacturing company. The global wind energy player also operates as a wind farm developer in India, where it has a portfolio of wind farms exceeding 2,100 MW of combined capacity at varying stages of development.

Gamesa has already installed near 4,300 MW and currently boasts a pipeline of 24,500 MW at varying stages of development in Europe, the Americas and Asia.

Source: ET


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