KBL receives trademark registration for Jalverter

Kirloskar Brothers Limited (KBL), a fluid management company on Friday announced that it was granted registration of its trademark Jalverter–a patented, multipurpose off grid solar inverter by the Office of the Registrar of Trade Marks, India.

Jalverter is used by the company for its solar power conditioning unit which is the heart of Kirloskar Solar Pumping System / power pack.


Jalverter is designed to meet IEC 61683 requirements and tested by NABL/BIS accredited laboratory as specified by Ministry of New and Renewable Energy (MNRE), Government of India under Jawaharlal Nehru National Solar Mission.


This patented, off grid solar inverter takes the varying DC power by solar PV modules as input. It is converted into 3 phase space vector pulse width modulated AC with varying frequency, depending on the changing sun intensities during the daytime to drive standard induction motors to run off the shelf AC pumps. This eliminates battery usage.

It makes the solar PV module operate at the maximum efficiency point, tapping max power output from the costly solar PV module at any given sun intensity during the day. This is achieved by the MPPT (Max Power Point Tracking) unit in the Jalverter.

At this power input to motor, the power factor is also automatically corrected to near unity values by the Jalverter, thereby maximising the motor efficiency at various load points and frequencies.

“Jalverter’s triple mode max power point tracking feature that is totally unique in the world today in the complete array of off–grid inverters,” said Ravindra Murthy, vice president and head, distribution business at KBL.

The range extends to drive off the shelf pumps upto 30 HP and KBL is in the process of solarising a number of pumps for agriculture and rural water supply in various states. India has over 90,000 un-electrified villages and over 3,80,000 partially electrified villages, and power shortage in towns is also quite serious.

“This Jalverter technology can solve the power shortage problem of not only about 5,00,000 villages in India but also has the potential to save approximately 10,000 mega watt of power, if we just solarise all the agriculture and domestic pump load,” Ajay Shirodkar, KBL’s solar pump/power pack business head and general manager said.


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