Suzlon Energy in 3000 mw Andhra Pradesh deal

Suzlon Energy, one of the largest wind-turbine manufacturers, has signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with the Andhra Pradesh government for setting up of capacities to generate about 3,000 mw of wind power till 2016. The proposal entails an investment of about Rs18,000 crore.

Under the MoU, which was signed at the recent Partnership Summit in Hyderabad, the state government will facilitate Suzlon in obtaining necessary permissions, registrations, approvals and clearances for the development of wind farms in the state.

Suzlon, in turn, will play the role of a developer and facilitate the channelisation of investments into the state from its customers investing in wind energy.

Tulsi Tanti, chairman, Suzlon Group, said, “This not only reinforces Andhra Pradesh’s position as one of India’s emerging markets in wind energy, but also illustrates their commitment to power a low-carbon economy by embracing progressive policies to power rapidly growing economy of the state.”

The agreement covers the development planned in the districts of Tallimadugula, Alankarayanipeta, Gandikota, Vajrakarur, Tirumalayapalli and other parts of Andhra Pradesh. Andhra Pradesh is a key emerging wind market in the country, with medium to low wind sites ideally suited to Suzlon’s new S9X suite of turbines.

The state government, according to sources, is keen on making use of the proposal to develop a model for setting up of renewable energy sources and focus on developing clusters of wind and solar farms.

“There are some farms in Anantapur. However, most of those mills had come up during the time government provided tax concessions for corporates setting up wind mills. Now, the model has changed and companies such as Suzlon have been working on a business model out of wind energy. If the Suzlon proposal goes through, we will have a robust model of setting up significant wind and solar energy capacities,” the source said.


Source: DNAindia



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