World’s Longest Wind Blades Produced in Denmark

DENMARK – A historic record has been set in Denmark, as Siemens Wind Power in Aalborg, northern Denmark, recently kicked off its production of the longest wind blades ever seen by the world.
The global supplier of wind power has started to produce wind blades that are no less than 75 metres long, they each weigh 20 tonnes and the diameter of the circle created by the spinning rotor blades will be 154 metres, once placed on a turbine.

Once in function, a wind turbine will be able to deliver enough electricity to supply 5,000 households or a small provincial town, writes the regional daily newspaper Nordjyske.

The blades will be used for a newly launched Siemens 6-megawatt turbine that is being tested in the new national Danish test center Østerild in Thy, also northern Denmark.

The long wind blades made in Aalborg will be used for turbines placed all over the world because Siemens Wind Power has chosen Aalborg as the only production place.

Source: TheBioenergySite News Desk


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