14 projects with 177,161 generation potential accredited

There is a 1.7% increase for the week ending on January 29th 2012, in the number of renewable energy project developers who have signed up under the REC scheme, increasing this number from 979 to 996. During the previous week, 17 projects developers had signed up under the REC scheme.

14 new projects were accredited by Tamil Nadu, Gujarat, Chhattisgarh with generation capacity of 69.05 MW. During the previous week, eight projects with generation capacity of 39.95 MW capacity were accredited. Total number of projects accredited reached 371 while the total generation capacity accredited reached 2296.84 MW.

Last week, four projects were registered by the National Load Dispatch Centre. These projects are located in Tamil Nadu, Maharashtra and Uttar Pradesh and have a combined generation capacity of 23.35 MW. These projects have the capacity to generate over 45,508 MWh of electricity and equivalent number of RECs annually. During the previous week, seven projects with combined generation capacity of 68.1 MW were registered. At the end of last week, the registered capacity registered reached 2039.27 MW from 304 projects.

The National Load Dispatch Centre (NLDC) issued a total of 55,571 RECs during the week of 23-29 January 2012, to multiple entities. So far the NLDC has issued 635,706 RECs of which 609,773 RECs have been redeemed during 11 trading sessions.

The 11th trading session of REC scheme took place on 25 January 2012. The trading session saw the highest volume of RECs traded as well as the highest-ever demand for non-solar RECs. Of the total RECs offered for trading 89% were redeemed. The total transaction value at both the exchanges was over Rs 52 crore, a 59% increase over the previous session. A total of 177,524 RECs were traded at Rs 3051 per MWh


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