Vikram Solar commissions new power plants

The Gujarat power plant is a 5MW power plant and the second plant in Orissa is capable of producing 1 MW power.

The project in Gujarat is sponsored by Konark Gujarat Pvt. Ltd. and the plant is located at Bachchau in Gujarat.

The second power plant in Orissa is sponsored by Molisati Vinimay Pvt. Ltd and located at Ranja village, in Deogargh district.

Both these projects have been built under the policy guidance from Indian Renewable Energy Development Agency (IREDA), said the company.

Speaking on the occasion, Gyanesh Chaudhury, Managing Director, Vikram Solar Ltd. said: “Today we are pleased to promote a new, clean, cost-effective in-state electric generation with the commencement of two new power plants one in Gujarat and the other in Orissa respectively.”
Source: India blooms

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