Grid tightens frequency, overdrawing will be tough

Come April, and power companies are going to find overdrawing from the Northern Grid during peak hours tougher. To protect the grid from overdrawing by states in the coming summer season, the Central Electricity Regulatory Commission has notified new regulations to tighten the operating grid frequency. According to senior officials, from the earlier frequency band of 49.5hz to 50.2hz, the new frequency is set to become 49.7Hz to 50.2Hz.

The new grid frequency will become effective from April 2 and is set to safeguard the grid especially in peak summer and winter months when many states start overdrawing heavily to keep pace with rising demands.

However, this also means that Delhi’s discoms will have to ensure that they have sufficient arrangements in place to meet the city’s power demand as overdrawing below this new frequency limit will become a costly proposition. “The new grid band will ensure higher grid security but concerns are also there as it may also lead to loadshedding by some states if they cannot afford to overdraw,” said a senior official. The discoms have been known to overdraw from the grid during peak summer months to keep pace with demand.

Sources said a number of northern states had resisted tightening the frequency band at this time and said it should be deferred to a later date due to reasons like insufficient generation growth, possibility of more loadshedding, shortage of fuel supply etc. However, after a series of meetings held at the Central Advisory Committee, CERC decided to go ahead with the decision.

“There was a general consensus that the grid frequency should be reduced not only in the interest of grid security but also to encourage discoms to procure power through contracts in the organized market. The concern that tightening the frequency might lead to increased incidences of demand not being met was noted but this could not be a valid argument for risking grid security. Discoms’ dependence on UI should be reduced and they need to start contracting power from long-term, medium-term and short-term markets in advance,” said a CERC officials.

Source: times of India



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