Gwalior distribution franchisee Bid Results – New Player ‘SMART Wireless Limited (Essel Group)’ emerged as a Winner

SMART Wireless Limited’, an Essel group company emerged as the winner for Madhya Pradesh’sGwalior Power Distribution Franchisee. The company has quoted the maximum Levelized Input Rate (LIP) of Rs. 4.14/unit, which enabled them to win and surpass existing operators like SPANCO and Torrent Power.
Surprisingly, the Levelized Input Rate quoted by ‘SMART Wireless Limited’ for Gwalior city is highest, when compared with already existing Distribution Franchisee city/towns. See below table for reference:
All 9 companies who participated in Gwalior bid got selected for Technical Qualification with ‘SMART Wireless Limited’ emerging as a successful bidder. See list of participating companies in our earlierblog.
Some key observations of price bid are:
  • Minimum LIP was Rs. 2.52/unit.
  • Average LIP was Rs. 3.23/unit.
  • Existing operator SPANCO ranked 5th in the financial bid.
  • Margin between winning and 2nd price bid was Rs. 0.27/unit.


Mechanical engineer with experience in Power Plant maintenance , operation and auditing for ISI marked products. MBA in Power Management from National Power Training Institute, Faridabad. Working as Consultant for Bridge to India Pvt. Ltd. Expertise in: 1) Power sector regulations 2) Financial Modelling 3) Project Development solar PV plants 4) Strategic consulting 5) Report writing

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  2. Abhay Kumar says:

    INDORE (Ujjain) DF result: SMART Wireless Limited’, an Essel group company emerged as the winner for Madhya Pradesh’s INDORE Power Distribution Franchisee.(3.781/KWh)
    Runner up GTL with 3.558/KWh

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    plz inform us about job for iti electrician.

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