Modi to dedicate Charanka Solar Park to the nation on April 19

The Chief Minister of Gujarat, Mr Narendra Modi, will dedicate the Charanka Solar Park to the nation on April 19, the first day of the Indian Solar Summit, 2012, that will be held in Gandhinagar. On that day, Mr Modi will personally take all the conference attendees to the solar park. The conference itself is being organised by the PV Tech magazine and Gujarat Power Corporation Ltd, but the State Government is taking the delegates to the solar park, which is some 100 km from Gandhinagar. The PV Tech magazine is holding the conference-cum-exhibition, but the State Government will be organising the site visit. Over 50 journalists from abroad, and about 200 foreign delegates are expected to take part in the event, sources in the know say.

The visit to the Park is to showcase Gujarat’s achievements, particularly to them. Gujarat will tell them that the Park is the “first of its kind in the world, being the largest, multi-developer, multi-facility and multi-beneficiary solar park.” The Park has more than 200 MW of installed solar power capacity. Originally, meant to be held on April 19 and 20, the duration of the conference has been extended by a day to accommodate the day-long site visit.


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  1. I visited solar park in charanka.
    Nice Asian biggest solar park was produced by 600 MW.
    Special thanks of Naredrabhai Modi , GPCL and PDPU.

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