Appointment of Distribution Franchisee for Distribution and Supply of electricity in Gwalior Town

The bidding process for the appointment of Input Based Distribution Franchisee in Gwalior Town has been completed. As a result, Bidding Consortium (comprising of M/s Smart Wireless Pvt. Ltd. (Lead Member), M/s Essel Infraprojects Ltd, and M/s PAN India Network Infravest Pvt. Ltd., Mumbai) with Levelized Input Rate of Rs. 4.140 per KWH has been selected as the Successful Bidder. The tender has been awarded for a period of 15 years.

Ujjain and Sagar Cities have also been selected for Distribution Franchisee in the state for next phase.

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What is Distribution Franchisee? 
a. Distribution Franchisee is an agent which works on the behalf of the Distribution Licensee (DISCOM) in the designated area to manage its power distribution business including supply and billing of electricity to the consumers. 
b. It is an arrangement based on the principles of “Public Private Partnership” (PPP) wherein specific functions for a demarcated area within the total licensed area of distribution is franchised out by the distribution utility to a private sector entity, while the state retains the ownership of assets.



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