‘Bangalore has potential to save 10% of power generated’

Bangalore city, which consumes 2,000 MW of power daily, has potential to save 10 per cent, said the Karnataka Energy Minister, Ms Shobha Karandlaje.

Addressing reporters, Ms Karandlaje said “The city consumes nearly 30 per cent of the total power generated in State and current savings is negligible.”

Bangalore Electricity Supply Company (Bescom), which supplies power in the city and the neighbouring districts, has been told to initiate saving exercise via mass campaigns.

“The city has salubrious climate, instead of taking advantage many offices and commercial establishments consume huge amount of power to run their escalators, lifts, fans, air-conditioners, which are unnecessary,” Ms Karandlaje.

Also studies conducted by Bescom have shown that up to 10 per cent power saving is achievable by offices, commercial establishments and each domestic consumer, provided they manage power usage efficiently during peak hours (between 6 p.m. and 10 p.m.).


Mr P. Manivannan, Managing Director, Bescom, said “Bringing awareness of energy saving among the consumers and public is the need of the hour.

“To achieve this, we have adopted various modes of communication to reach out to the public and make them responsible.”


Bescom has initiated campaign by using various communication modes such as flash mob, dollu kunitha, veeragase dance, street play, hoardings, bus shelters, posters/leaflets, car stickers, radio jingles and cinema slides to create awareness in the city.


Ms Karandlaje said “Karnataka’s peak power load this summer has been 8,520 MW (186 million units).

Due to widespread rains in the state, demand has fallen by 24 per cent.

Peak load this summer had gone up by 16-17 per cent compared to last year where as all-India peak power demand stood at 9-10 per cent.

“Despite Raichur Thermal Power Station (RTPS), Bellary Thermal Power units not generating power due to water shortage and non-availability of coal, we have managed the crisis with hydel power,” she added.

Bellary Thermal Power’s second unit and RTPS are to commence power generation by mid-May.

“The Prime minister has promised coal supply to Bellary unit and water has been released from Narayanpura dam to Raichur and this is expected to reach the town this week to commence power generation,” she said.

The government has also made arrangements to buy power from private producers through their captive units.

“We have currently 2000 MW of private power supply and another 250 MW is ready for inauguration or to be integrated to the grid,” she explained.
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