Haryana to invest Rs 230 crore in 5 biomass power projects

The Haryana Government would set up five biomass projects costing Rs 230 crore to generate about 51 MW of power for which it has signed Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with four companies. Two of these projects would soon be completed, a spokesman of Renewable Energy Department said. He also said that the State Government had set up four Micro-Hydro power projects which have started generation.
These included a six MW power project in Dadupur, district Yamuna Nagar costing Rs 58 crore, a 2 MW project in Gogripur, Karnal at a cost of Rs 22 crore, a Rs 16 crore project at Musapur, Karnal to generate 1.4 MW power and another project of 1.4 MW at Khukhni in district Karnal.

He said that a total of 164 MW of power is being generated in the State through renewable energy sources and 93.9 MW power generation has been added during the tenure of present government.

With a view to create awareness among students and common people about devices based on renewable energy and energy conservation, government has set up 21 energy parks at district level with at a cost of Rs 1.80 crore, he said.

The Haryana Government had also started a scheme to provide grant-in-aid to the people in the State and its employees residing in Chandigarh to set up solar water heating system.

Under this scheme, a grant of Rs 4000 is given for setting up of 100 litre solar water heater and Rs 8000 for 200 liter solar water heater. Grants amounting to Rs 1.70 crore have so far been given under the scheme thus benefitting 1440 families.

The spokesman said that with a view to make Sirsa as India’s first district with solar street lights, 6660 solar street lights have been installed in 333 villages at a cost of Rs 12.65 crore.

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