Power bills under BSES to go up, decline for Tata consumers

People getting power supply from BSES discoms will have to shell out more on electricity bills while consumers under Tata Power distribition limited will benefit from a marginal drop in the rates.

Power regulator DERC today increased power tariff by two per cent for consumers under BSES Yamuna Power Ltd while one per cent hike has been effected for consumers under BSES Rajdhani Power Ltd.

The tariff has been brought down by one per cent for consumers getting supply from Tata Power Delhi Distribution Limited.

The regulator adjusted the tariff-based power purchase cost of the distribution companies and the new tariff will be effective from May 1 for three months, Delhi Electricity Regulatory Commission Secretary Jayashree Raghuraman said.

The hike will be applicable on energy consumption and not on fixed charges.

The DERC had effected a five per cent hike in tariff in February this year to adjust the power purchase cost of the distribution companies for three months.

Raghuraman said the hike for consumers under BSES Yamuna Power Ltd (BYPL) would be seven per cent from earlier five per cent, which means the rates per unit of power will go up by two per cent.

For BSES Rajdhani (BRPL), the hike prescribed on account of fuel price adjustment is six per cent, which means people will have to pay one per cent more than the current amount.

Raghuraman said BRPL and BYPL had sought a hike of 7.27 per cent and 9.23 per cent respectively while Tata Power Delhi Distribution Ltd (TPDDL) had sought a hike of 4.67 per cent, citing increase in power purchase cost due to hike in fuel prices like coal and natural gas.

Source: Business Standard


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