Power Grid suffer setback as 765 KV line tower collapsed

Power Grid suffer setback as 765 KV line tower collapsed
Tuesday May 15 2012
New Delhi

Power Grid suffered a major setback when a tower of newly constructed 765 KV Gaya Fatehpur transmission line collapsed .

The plan of Power Grid Corporation to commission 345 Kms. long 765 KV transmission lines between Eastern Region and Northern Region has suffered a setback after a line tower collapsed on April 12. As per Central Electricity Authority daily reports the 765 kV Gaya-Fatehpur line was energised on 31 March but tripped immediately on overvoltage. Thereafter the line remained idle and a line tower at location 207 collapsed under storm conditions.

According to sources the replacement of collapsed tower will take several months . The 765 KV Gaya Fatehpur line was to be extended further by 325 Kms.from Fatehpur to Agra and link up with the 765 KV Bina-Gwalior-Agra line of Western Grid.

The other line of Power Grid which has slipped is the Gaya-Balia-Lucknow 765 kV line which was expected by January 2012.However the 765 kV Bhiwani-Moga line was successfully charged recently.
It may be mentioned that at present the high voltage is transmitted at 400 KV and the introduction of 765 KV lines will strengthen the regional and national grid to enable transfer of bulk power from generating stations and surplus regions to load centers.
However the tower failure of Gaya Fatehpur line has raised question over the design of towers which are supposed to withstand the maximum storm conditions expected in that area which is classified as per the wind Zone. If towers start failing like this the reliability of the grid would be compromised.
The project envisages for evacuation of power from DVC(4500MW) and Maithion RB(1000MW) power projects and transfer of power of Northern Region and Western region beneficiaries


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