Ethiopia Signs Agreement with Power Grid Corporation of India

Ethiopia signed an agreement with the Power Grid Corporation of India as part of the plan to develop the high voltage infrastructure of the national grid. The 4.4 million birr contract was signed between the Ethiopian Electric Power Corporation and the Indian company last week.

PGCI will handle the feasibility study to determine the highest need voltage power capacities of the transmission lines taking into consideration the power generation capacity of the nation over the next 25 years.

Invitations for bids to conduct the study were only tendered to Chinese and Indian state managed corporations. The EEPCo made its selection on the basis of the proposed delivery period; PGCI offered to finalize the study in four and a half months where as the other bidder which had met the requirements, the State Grid Corporation of China proposed a year.

Ethiopia has plans to significantly increase power distribution lines in the coming years and the feasibility study is expected to offer a bench mark for the installation of lines in the future. The high voltage lines to be constructed will be constructed on the basis of the findings of this study said a senior official with the EEPCo.
Ethiopia currently has 11,124 KM of high voltage transmission lines that transmit power at various kilovolt levels from 32KV-400KV but the capacity is not enough to enable optimum use of the power to be generated explained an expert source.
Source: addis fortune


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