Firebrand Congress leader slams power discoms for new slab system

A firebrand Congress leader of Haryana, Ved Prakash Vidrohi has slammed the power discoms for adoption of the slab billing based upon the horse power of electricity motors for tubewells. Vidrohi had said that the slab billing has not been linked to the depth of the tubewell but it has been linked to the horse power of the electricity motors.

“This step will not bring any benefit to the farmers of the state,” he claimed. Vidrohi, a delegate and former spokesperson of HPCC, further said, “If the electricity corporations want to bring relief to the farmers, they should have resorted to the slabs on the basis of the depth of the tubwells.”
“By implementing the slabs on the basis of the power of the electricity motors, the corporations have nullified any benefit to the farmers which was the main objective of the announcement of the government for the slab billing of the electricity connections for the tubewells of the farmers.” ”

Also by implementing the slab billing in entire Haryana raises question as only southern Haryana was in need of it, where the water level has receded up to 1800 feet,” he added. Vidrohi requested the state government to implement slab billing in southern Haryana with honesty as “this area has not been getting adequate canal water for irrigation”. “The slab system should be implemented according to the depth of the tubewells and four slabs should be made for electricity billing in the southern Haryana,” he suggested.
Source: TOI


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