Negative growth in hydro generation –CEA

Negative growth in hydro generation –CEA
Friday June 22, 2012
The generation from Hydro power stations in northern region has shown negative growth rate due to less inflow this year. The delayed and below normal monsoon will mean lesser availability of Hydro power for Punjab & Haryana.
Central Electricity Authority (CEA) in its monthly report for May has shown that the generation from Hydro power stations in the northern region had a negative growth rate of 14.42 as compared to the corresponding period last year. It was able to achieve 93.61 % of the assigned target for the month.
The storage position of the 31 major reservoirs in the country including 7 of northern region is regularly monitored in CEA. The variation in total energy content of 31 reservoirs was 18 % as on May 31 which was 7 732 Million units (MU) this year as compared to 9 471 MU last year. In case of northern region this variation was more pronounced at 37.34 % and energy content this year was 883 MU compared to 1409 MU last year.
The northern region comprises of 7 reservoirs including Bhakra Dam, Pong Dam and Ranjit Sagar Dam situated in Punjab. The energy content of Bhakra Dam on is short by more than 46 % as its energy content are 258 MU against last years’ 476 MU due to reduced water level. Similarly the energy shortage for Pong and Ranjit Sagar Dam are 59 % & 54% respectively.
Today’s water level in Bhakra is 1527.59 feet which is 51.25 less than the water level on corresponding ay last year. The daily inflow at Bhakra is 31240 cusecs against last years’38502 cusecs. The water level in pong reservoir is 1298.02 feet which is more than 51 feet less than last year’s level of 1349.73 feet on corresponding day.
The water level in Ranjit Sagar Dam is short by 10 meters as todays water level is 499.55 meters while it was 510.55 meters on the corresponding day last year. The water inflow is 9072 cusecs while it was 11420 cusecs last year.
Punjab & Haryana governments have already requested the public to use canal water judiciously in view of low reservoir level.


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