Solar panels, bio-gas plants much in demand

Non-conventional energy projects in the district have received a boost with more and more people coming forward to install solar panels and bio-gas plants to combat power shortage. Frequent power cuts are also a reason why many are approaching the Agency of Non-conventional Energy and Rural Technology (Anert).

Most of those approaching Anert office want solar lanterns, solar water heaters and solar panels installed, to produce electricity in small scale. The Kozhikode district office of Anert alone has received 49 applications for installing solar panels with a capacity to produce 2kW and 4kW power.

According to C Sebastian, Anert regional programme manager, the agency gives a subsidy of Rs 81,000 each for installing the equipment to produce 1kW solar power. Besides, the equipment has a 25-year warranty.

“It’s difficult to meet the demand for solar products,” said Anert officials, adding that they expected to distribute 2,000 more solar lanterns in the near future as Anert’s state office had invited tender for 30,000 new solar lanterns.

There is much demand for solar water heaters as they are very energy efficient. Majority of the hospitals and hotels in the district use solar water heaters, said the officials.

The district office of Anert has, in the last one year, installed 134 household solar water heaters. Anert has offered Rs 11.63 lakh as subsidy to install 100-litre water heaters and Rs 1.71 lakh as subsidy for 200-litre water heaters.

The demand for biogas plants is also on the rise. Anert officials said they had sanctioned Rs 4.12 lakh subsidy the previous year to install 57 household biogas plants. The number went up to 211 in January to March 2012, and Rs 7.64 lakh was sanctioned as subsidy.
Source: TOI


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