Utilities asked to ensure uninterrupted power at night

Power utilities will try to ensure uninterrupted power supply during nights in all places, including villages, despite severe energy shortage in the State.

This followed instructions given to them by Chief Minister N. Kiran Kumar Reddy at a meeting here on Wednesday with Chief Secretary Pankaj Dwivedi and other officials to review the power supply situation.

Hiralal Samaria, CMD, AP Transco, said later that the overall demand in the State had reached a high of 275 million units a day due to the prevailing heat wave conditions, fall in the groundwater table and continuance of a 15 per cent agriculture demand following sowing of a third crop by in some areas. Against this demand, APTransco is supplying 234 mu from all its sources.

The Chief Minister noted that the gap between the demand and supply had gone up to 22 per cent. He approved the plan to introduce dedicated vehicles equipped with GPS systems for replacement of failed transformers within 24 hours in urban areas and 48 hours in villages.
Source: BL


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