9 billion units lost due to fuel shortage – CEA

Thursday July 19, 2012
New Delhi

India lost 9 billion units (BU) of thermal generation on account of fuel shortage as per Central Electricity Authority (CEA) report. The coal supply of around 8000 MW capacity of Thermal Plants commissioned during 2011-12 is yet to commence.
CEA in its latest report for June has pointed out that coal shortage at thermal plants led to generation loss of 4.37 billion units and gas shortage led to loss of 2.10 billion units. The balance generation loss has been attributed to transmission constraints and unforeseen outages of thermal units.
The electricity generation in the country during the month of June was 76.31 BU. The cumulative electricity generation during first quarter of financial year was 231 BU. The thermal generation during June was 61.91 BU.
The plant load factor (PLF) of thermal stations during June’12 was 72.05%. The PLF of coal based stations during June and first quarter of year was further reduced to 71.83% and 73.81% respectively
As per report, during the month only 82 % of the total requirement of coal was available. The thermal power stations received about 33 MT of coal against the demand of 40.0 MT. 31 Thermal Power Stations (TPS) had critical coal stock of less than 7 days. Out of these 25 TPS were having coal stock of less than 4 days as on June 30.
During the current financial year 2012-13, the anticipated gap between the requirement and availability of domestic coal was estimated around 70 MT. Out of 70 MT, 46 MT of coal was to be met through import of coal for which all the utilities have been advised to take necessary action. In addition to this 24 MT of coal would be needed to operate power plants designed on imported coal.
Yamuna Nagar and Khedar thermal plants of Haryana topped the list those plants whose generation shortfall in first quarter was more than 100 million units. While there was nil generation at Yamuna Nagar thermal and Khedar the shortfall was to the tune of 451 million units. HPGCL has only imported a fraction of quantity so for this year.It is supposed to import 2 MT of coal.
Lehra Mohabatt thermal plant in Punjab achieved 99.45 % PLF and is best performing plant of region.


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