DERC, CERC caught amidst power battle with power cos

The battle over power tariffs continues and Delhi is the stage for the latest fight. With the Delhi Electricity Regulatory Commission (DERC) filing an interim application in the Supreme Court, seeking a stay on the implementation of a November 2011 Tribunal judgement, the ‘power struggle’ has gained importance across newswires.

DERC has filed interim application before the apex court seeking a stay on proceedings pending before the Tribunal. The pending case in the Tribunal is connected to DERC’s non-compliance of November 11 Tribunal order, which stated that state commissions will determine tariff and aggregate revenue requirement (ARR) on a yearly basis. Also empowered state commissions will suo moto (on its own motion) revise tariffs.

BSES Rajdhani had moved the Tribunal against the regulatory body saying that DERC was not complying with the order. Post this, the Tribunal sought DERC affidavit to explain non-compliance.

Moreover, along with the power battle post Adani Power moved the Central Electricity Regulatory Commission (CERC) seeking tariff adjustments; Tata Power has now moved the regulator against its eight procurers of Mundra UMPP project.

As the government is seeking passthrough owing to jump in international coal prices, Tata Power has also filed for interim relief till such time that the regulator takes the final call.




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