Eastern Grid goes down, states impose power cuts till Sunday

The eastern Indian states, Bihar, Jharkhand, Odisha and West Bengal along with Andhra Pradesh are reeling under the power scarcity due to outage of six thermal power generating units under the central sectors from the eastern grid.

These states have imposed severe power regulation on a rotational basis ranging from one to six hours, according to Grid Corporation of Orissa [Gridco] and Orissa Power Transmission Corporation Ltd [OPTCL] chairman and managing director, Hemant Sharma.

“Odisha is getting nearly 330 MW less than its share from the Central sectors due to shutting down of six units of the National Thermal Power Corporation. All the states dependent on eastern grid are reeling under severe power crisis. Andhra Pradesh is the worst sufferer and it is imposing 6 hour power cut on rotational basis followed by other state states ranging from one to 3 hours”, Mr Sharma on Friday told “The ET”.

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