Power crisis: India faces a shortage of 17,000 MW

It’s peak summer in most parts of India. Demand for power is at a peak of 2,17,000 mega watt. Our power generation, however, is much less at 1,99,877 mega watt. Poor transmission and distribution makes it even worse.
Many cities such as Chennai, Bangalore and the capital itself, Delhi, have long power cuts.
Forty per cent of the country does not get electricity at all. About six lakh villages do not have any network to receive electricity.
CNN-IBN has learnt that around 30 power stations have just about a week’s coal left to fuel the power plants.
Coal India which supplies coal to 80% of India’s power plants has a shortage of 142 million tonnes. The reason they say is lack of enviornmental clearances and land acquisition problems. However, coal shortage is not the only reason for the summer sweat.

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