Goa increases Electricity Duty to mop up Rs 28 crore

Goa Power minister Milind Naik on 02-08-2012 introduced the Goa Electricity Duty (Amendment) Bill, 2012, to increase the rates of duty leviable on the units of energy consumed. The amendment stated that the building up of the transmission and distribution network in the state of Goa involves huge investment which cannot be met from the normal revenue requirement. In order to mobilize additional revenue for the aforesaid, it is proposed to amend the schedule appended to the Goa, Daman and Diu Electricity Duty Act, 1986, (Act 7 of 1986) so as to increase the rate of duty leviable on the units of energy consumed.

As per the amendments, consumers in private houses, bungalows, clubs, hostels and hospitals run on non-commercial lines, charitable, education and religious institution, etc for lights, fans, radios, domestic heatings and other household appliance should have to pay 20 paise/unit from existing 18 paisa/unit.


In respects of shops, offices, railway stations, hotels, restaurants, photographic studios, X-ray installations, laundries, drycleaners, cinema, theatres, AIR stations and other commercial installations for lights, fans, radios heating and other appliances, consumer should now pay 70 paise/unit from 58 paisa/ unit.


For poultry, dairy, piggery, pisciculture, etc, for lights, fans heating and other appliances, consumers should pay 20 paisa/unit from existing 18 paisa/unit and for irrigation pumping and agricultural purpose, 20 paisa/unit from 18 paisa/unit.

Source- TOI



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