Only Delhi and Rajasthan expected to meet peak power demand in 2016: CII report

Six of the nine northern states will become base load power surplus in another four years if all plants under execution are commissioned by the end of the 12th Plan Period, but peaking shortage will continue

The recent blackout in the northern power grid on 30 & 31 July highlights the dire situation on the power front in northern India. Coupled with a scanty monsoon this year, the situation only threatens to become worse if immediate steps are not taken to address the problem.

A CII report in May this year on the power situation in the North – titled Power Scenario in Northern India — highlighted the significant gap between demand and supply in almost all the northern states. According to the report, UP had the highest quantum of deficit among the northern states. Along with UP, Haryana and J&K witnessed a rise in energy deficits, while Punjab, Rajasthan and Uttarakhand witnessed a fall for the year 2010-11 from the previous year (2009-10).

The report attempts to capture the impact that the reform process has had on the performance of the power sector in the northern region, the largest of the four geographical zones in India. It brought out some contradictions in the system which needed attention. Surprisingly, the outlook for the region appears positive in base load energy availability, with six of the states expected to become energy surplus in another four years. However, UP, J&K and Uttarakhand will continue to remain power-deficit even in 2016-17.  But there is a caveat for the power surplus scenario: if all plants under execution are commissioned by the end of the 12th Plan Period.


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