Power Sector Requires Rs.13,72,580 Crores for 12th Plan

The Minister of State, Shri K.C. Venugopal, in a written reply informed the Rajya Sabha today that the target for generation of power is fixed on year-to-year basis and not for Five-Year Plan as a whole. Capacity addition target (in MW) is set for a Five Year Plan period. Based on the preparedness of generation projects, Planning Commission had fixed a capacity addition target of 78,700 MW during 11th Plan on an All India basis. This included 1000 MW capacity addition in the State of Bihar in Central Sector. No capacity addition was envisaged in State/Private sector in Bihar during 11th Plan. Capacity addition achieved during 11th Five Year Plan in Bihar was 1000 MW in Central Sector. He also informed that as per the Report of Working Group on Power for 12th Five Year Plan, projects totaling to 4,690 MW are under execution in the state of Bihar in Central Sector/through Joint Venture, for likely benefits during 12th Five Year Plan. Bihar will have share in these projects. As per the Report of Working Group on Power for 12th Five Year Plan, the investment required during 12th Plan in power sector (on all India level) would be of the tune of Rs.13,72,580 crores including funds required for generation, transmission, distribution, captive power plants, R&M of power plants, Research and Development, DSM, fund required for RE (Renewable Energy) projects etc. This also includes advance action funds requirement for 13th Plan projects.


Source: InvestInIndia



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