Tamil Nadu Tariff Order on WIND ENERGY 2012

The tariff will be applicable from 01-08-2012 with a control period of 2 years. TNERC has decided to continue with preferential tariff mechanism for this control period. The most prominent change in the tariff components are Capex is now INR 57.5 million per MW and rate of interest allowed is 12.25%, which is on the lowers side than the market rates.

Wind energy Tariff


Date of Commissioning


For plants commissioned prior to 15-5-2006

Rs.2.75 per Unit

For plants commissioned b/w

15-5-2006 and 18-9-2008

Rs.2.90 per Unit

For plants commissioned between

19-09-2008 to the date of this order

Rs.3.39 per Unit

For plants to be commissioned b/w

1-08-2012 to 31-07-2014

Rs.3.51 per Unit


Transmission & Wheeling Charges

Transmission charges will be40% of the transmission charges as applicable to the conventional power

Wheeling Charges will be 40% of the wheeling charges as applicable to the conventional power

Line losses, to be borne by the WEGs as per TNERC orders

No changes in cross subsidy surcharge, CDM benefits, reactive power charges.





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