CIL invites bids from consultants for coal import agreement

Coal India has invited bids from companies for appointment as consultant who will help the state-run firm to develop a pact for supply of imported coal for power firms entering into a fuel supply agreement (FSA).

“CIL (Coal India) having finalised the FSA model and side agreement now looks forward for an advisory service to develop a legally-commercially enforceable agreement between all the parties concerned that is seller (coal company), the purchaser(power plant), the supplier (CIL) and the importing agency,” CIL said a notice inviting tender.

“Further, CIL also intends the advisory service provider to develop a suitable notice inviting tender (NIT) in line with the similar arrangements prevalent between the PSU/State, power utilities/industrial units and PSU/Government trading agencies like MMTC / STC /MSTC/PEC etc for supply of imported coal on end to end package service basis,” it said.

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