Costly imports of coal unfortunate as nation has huge reserves: NTPC

India’s power generating companies are facing the heat of a historic fuel supply crunch. Arup Roy Choudhury, Chairman and Managing Director (CMD) of the country’s largest electricity producer NTPC Ltd tells Sudheer Pal Singh & Jyoti Mukul in an interview that the fuel crunch along with the costly imports of coal is unfortunate given the nation has a huge coal reserve base. Edited excerpts..

Q. How far has the capacity addition in power generation been impacted considering that there is stranded capacity due to fuel shortage?
We are fortunate that we have no such project which is stranded due to want of fuel. NTPC goes ahead with its projects after the fuel tie-ups are in place. But we are aware of some power projects in the country which are stranded due to fuel shortage. This is unfortunate in a power starved country like ours with ample coal. I will not like to comment further on the subject as those projects do not belong to us.

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