NTPC begins to search for a partner for electricity distribution

NTPC, the country’s largest power producer, is floating a joint venture as part of its plan to foray into electricity distribution.

The company’s distribution arm, NTPC Electric Supply Co Ltd (NESCL), has invited bids from power distribution licensees with five years of experience.

“NESCL intends to undertake electricity distribution to end consumers, including domestic, commercial, industrial and agriculture units, in some states,” a company executive said. “The distribution business will be undertaken through a new entity, to be owned jointly by NESCL and its partner.”

The JV may also bid for distribution licensee contracts of states.

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  1. raj says:

    a hen lays egg does not mean it is good at preparing ommllette also
    why Govt cannot tolerate islands of excellelence and gets hell bent if some one shows promise of good work
    why it proves repeatedly that parkinson law is most apty applicable to India
    stated it says
    works continues to flow to competent person until it also levels up ( becomes incompetent)

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