State governments warm up to solar power

Companies that are in the business of putting up solar power plants have for long had a complaint: there is no “pipeline visibility”. By that these ‘developers’ meant that there were no ‘projects’ that they could bid for and win, nor were there policies conducive for them to put up their own projects and sell power directly to consumers.

They can’t complain anymore. The story of solar India used to be all about the ‘National Solar Mission’ and the ‘Gujarat programme’. But now, the State governments are getting into the act.

On October 20, the government of Tamil Nadu announced its ‘solar policy’. A couple of weeks earlier, the Andhra Pradesh government had come up with its own policy. The governments of Karnataka, Madhya Pradesh and Odisha have their own programme, albeit of a small scale. For instance, Karnataka has rolled out for 80 MW policy, while Odisha has for 50 MW. But their programmes, though small, and their statements and pronouncements point to a growing seriousness about getting into solar. The government of Odisha has even set up a company called Odisha Green Power Corporation, with a mandate to engender solar projects too in the State.

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