No project in the implementation stage to suffer for want of coal

The government has assured power project developers including states that no project in the implementation stage will suffer for want of coal.

“On the recent issue of fuel shortage in power plants, we can assure power project developers, including the states, that none of their projects in the implementation stage would suffer for want of coal.

The ministry of power has allowed electricity firms facing coal supply crunch to sign fuel supply deals with state-owned operator Coal India Ltd, even if no prior power purchase agreements (PPAs) exist with distribution companies,” said power secretary P Uma Shankar.

“Demand for energy in India has multiplied manifold in recent years on the back of rapid urbanization, industrialization and usage of water for irrigation in agriculture.

Energy being the building block of economic development, the focus is now firmly entrenched on finding the right energy mix for propelling a high trajectory, sustainable and inclusive growth path for India”, said Rajiv Mundhra, president, Indian Chamber Of Commerce.

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  1. raj says:

    ususl brouhaha of govt assurances . will not allowed to suffer …. watch future tense present one can continue to suffer .
    The trouble is at haphazard policy level once mines are allotted why the developers shooud be running from table to table with brief cases to get clearances and stuck at one stage or the other . The allotment should have embeded all clearance .
    jockulary it is said as many as possible be allowed to make money in ATM ministries otherwise support to govt would be lost

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