Tamil Nadu’s clean power capacity touches landmark

Amid continuing power shortfall in the state, Tamil Nadu has achieved a significant landmark in harnessing renewable energy sources. State’s total installed capacity of clean energy has surpassed fossil-fuel-based po­w­er capacity, thereby becoming the first state in the country to do so. Led by wind power, Tamil Nadu accounts for major share in country’s green power installed capacity.

Energy generated thr­ough renewable energy sources is slightly higher than coal-fired power capacity in the state, with clean energy capacity accounting for 42 per cent of the total installed capacity. As on September 30, Tamil Nadu had a total installed power capacity of 18,193 mw, of which renewable accounted for 7,979 mw, thermal 7,527 mw, hydro 2,186 mw and nuclear 501 mw. The stats’s share in country’s tot­al renewable energy capacity is about 32 per cent, according to Tamil Na­du energy development agency.

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  1. raj says:

    if power capacity has touched land mark why lands are parched and squeeking for water from Karnataka
    if some one were to take power system studies, TN is the ideal State for studying planning process and mess up sector for personal gains

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