Govt seeks to give citizens compensation for feeding solar power to grid

The government is considering changes in laws that would allow customers to be paid for the solar power they generate and feed into the grid. This will persuade individual consumers, rather than power distribution companies, to supply at least 1,000MW of electricity to India’s grid by installing solar panels on rooftops of residential and commercial buildings by 2017, the government hopes.

If successful, this would generate more than one-tenth of the renewable energy capacity of 9,000MW of solar power that the government plans to add under the marquee Jawaharlal Nehru National Solar Mission (JNNSM), and more than a hundred-fold increase from the current levels of power generated by rooftop solar power systems..

Previous attempts by the authorities, including those in Delhi and Mumbai, to subsidize solar water-heater systems have been unsuccessful, mainly because the costs of buying and installing these were prohibitively high, in spite of a 30% subsidy on solar equipment.

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  1. raj says:

    this is the difference between china and india bureaacracy services . nothing succeeds what ever govt undertakes as i see power conferences are crowded by IAS who have headed for years SEB without knowing the diffference between circuit breakers and transformers so is the case
    the question is why pay subsidy in to bank accounts like akash ( hopefully successful) market at cheeep rate , subsidy at consumption involves large nubmers my get votes but does not get results

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