, Invites you to India Electricity 2013

Dear Reader,, Invites you to India Electricity 2013 international event, to be held in New Delhi From 16-18 January.It will be the seventh event of the series since the year 2006. The event provides immense opportunities in the generation, transmission, distribution and rural electrification of growing India power sector. The event has been actively supported by central power sector utilities, IPPs, equipment suppliers, technology provides, power traders, research and consulting organizations among others, representing Indian and international power sectors. The event will be attended by more than 600 business delegates and 100+ companies.

As the Exclusive Media Partner, is publishing a special small base paper ( event report), and invites all our esteemed readers to partner in the publication.
The publication will be circulated to all the delegates of the event and will be placed on the official publication table, IPS stall at the event. A soft copy of the same shall be sent to our subscriber base (4300+).

Also, post event it will be made available for download from our website.

Benefits to Partners of Base Paper:

1. Direct B2B marketing for the products and services offered

2. Content marketing through website
3. Complimentary banner advertisement on site for 3 months
4. Complimentary listing in any of the other events partnered by

Apart from this, we also have the shell space available for the event so partners can share their services in the stall under the banner of

Profile of partners for space sharing may be:

  1. Knowledge Partners – Consultancy
  2. Technology Partners – Product line marketing
  3. Outreach Partners – Technical Magazines
  4. Associate Partners – Conference and Expo organizers


Mechanical engineer with experience in Power Plant maintenance , operation and auditing for ISI marked products. MBA in Power Management from National Power Training Institute, Faridabad. Working as Consultant for Bridge to India Pvt. Ltd. Expertise in: 1) Power sector regulations 2) Financial Modelling 3) Project Development solar PV plants 4) Strategic consulting 5) Report writing

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2 Responses

  1. Nitin says:

    Please provide details on publication

    • shivanshtyagi says:

      The publication will be event specific base paper 8-10 pages. Where we invite content from the partners about technology , services or there views on Indian Power Sector from Regulations to Financing to hard core Technology.
      The publication will serve as first hand knowledge for the clients and a content branding tool for our Partners.

      For more info please write to :
      Alok Tripathi
      +91 97 17 100 223

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