Maharashtra Electricity Regulatory Commission announces charges for power utility services

The application and processing charges for power consumers in the city for services such as-new connection, reduction or addition of power load, shifting or extension of services, change in tariff category or facilitation of temporary connection-would be Rs 50 for a single phase connection and Rs 75 for a three-phase connection.

The Maharashtra Electricity Regulatory Commission (MERC) on Friday announced one-time charges for consumers of power utilities in Mumbai-Reliance Infrastructure, Tata Power and BEST. Except for differences in meter charges and service connections for multiple-phase low and high-tension categories of consumers, majority of the one-time charges are similar for consumers of all three utilities.

Fuse repair and re-installation of meter would cost Rs 100 and Rs 300 respectively for RInfra consumers. In case of dishonoured cheques, the fine would be Rs 250 for the consumers of BEST, TPC and RInfra.

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