Open Access – Doomsday

Open Access is the phenomenon to choose your on source of power for the clients 1MW and above. But nearly after 7 years of all the regulation in placed where it is stand today?

Still there are so many roadblocks in front of consumers and generators to purchase or sell electricity at their choice.

Recently Haryana Distribution company i.e DHBVN has filed a petition in Haryana Electricity Regulatory Commission to stop open access. DHBVN want that all the consumers should give their electricity schedule well in advance to them, so that they can do proper scheduling for all the consumers. Presently Consumer are giving their schedule to purchase power for next day from exchanges but if they require more power from the schedule they can draw it from discoms under their contracted demand. Due to this DHBVN has to drawl more electricity from the Grid disturbing the grid frequency and also has to pay UI charges.

So the Haryana discoms wants that either these consumer should buy power for complete 24X7 hrs either from discoms or through power exchanges. DHBVN has prayed that open access consumers should opt for weekly or bilateral contracts in power exchanges and submit their drawl schedule 7days in-advance.

Haryana SLDC has stopped issuing NOC to its existing consumers. Haryana has more than 100 clients in both the power exchange which will be affected badly due to this decision.

So now what will be future of open access in Haryana is completely depends upon Haryana Electricity Regulatory Commission.


Amit Antil

After doing Power Management (MBA) from National Power Training Institute (NPTI), Amit Antil is now presently working with Today Green Energy Pvt. Ltd. and looking after business development activities for Solar. Earlier he was associated with leading power trading company Global Energy for 3 years. He has a sound knowledge about bidding, power trading, open access, REC trading, Govt. Liaisoning, Contract Negotiation, Power Purchase Agreement.

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  1. raj says:

    who says SSERC are independent all institutions ave been seized and are protectorate . reforms are eye wash
    thy eregualte only consuumers and by conduct show are quasi judicial subsidiaries o fholding companies

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