TN’s domestic solar rooftop initiatives a damp squib

The Tamil Nadu government’s initiative to get residents to ‘solarise’ their residential spaces seems to have fallen flat. A month after the state announced a solar policy which promised residents generation-based incentives for putting up rooftop solar systems, companies say enquiries from households has been negligible.

While there would be early movers who would like to adopt new technology, the incentives are not enough to make this a mass movement, experts say.

“The policy has certainly generated larger volume of enquiries but people are disappointed that there is no subsidy or financial schemes,” said the managing director of Solkar Solar Industries, K E Raghunathan.

“We feel that incentives are not attractive enough to pull the common man to this. The incentives need to be given for a longer period to help people recover costs,” said Pashupathy Gopalan, head of solar power company SunEdison India.

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