Surana Ventures offers solar plants at Rs 6 cr/MW

At a time when solar power plants cost between Rs 8 – 9 crore per MW, a Hyderabad-based solar module manufacturer has come forward to offer to supply solar equipment at Rs 6 crore per MW.

“We can compete against anybody, including the Chinese,” says Narender Surana, Managing Director of Surana Ventures. “Land is yours,” he said, adding “whatever is to be put into it will be supplied by us at Rs 6 crore per MW.” He said for sites up to about 600 km from Hyderabad, Surana Ventures would not even bill the customer for transportation.

Narender Surana said that the company bought a line from the German company, Schott Solar, which closed down its operations in the wake of the global slowdown in the solar industry. Today, Surana Ventures has a capacity of 140 MW—half of that came from Schott Solar.

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