Tamil Nadu solar bid faces legal heat

Tamil Nadu’s recent bid to build 1 gigawatts of solar capacity, through the single-biggest tender in India till date, is facing a legal challenge from the Indian arm of the non-profit global solar advisory International Solar Energy Society.

The arm, Solar Energy Society of India (Sesi), having 2,500 members made up of manufacturers, consultants, academics and government officials, has in a writ petition filed with the Madras High Court sought the quashing of the tender because guidelines for competitive bidding aren’t in place.

Instead, it wants the Tamil Nadu utility to procure solar power through MoUs “at a preferential tariff to be determined by the State Electricity Regulatory Commission.”

Separately, the state tender is also facing the heat from another industry body. The Solar Independent Power Producers Association, made up of prominent players in this space including Welspun, Sun Edison, Green Infra and the Adanis, have complained to the Tamil Nadu Electricity Regulatory Commission that the bid process is devoid of any merits. That’s because, it doesn’t have the approval of the State regulator itself.

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  1. Raj says:

    TN wants free power from solar producers , not only that it may ask the power producing assets be also surrendered free of cost to Govt . it thinks sola producers are telecom ministry license dept

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