What makes IUKAN different

I-U-KAN (India Utility Knowledge And Networking) Forum is a broader umbrella for all Utilities (Power, Water, Waste, Gas, Transport etc.) and all Stakeholders (Govt., Public utilities, Private Operators, New entrants, Service Providers, Regulators, NGOs, Investors, Customers) to analyse holistic gaps, exchange ideas, build common grounds, and expedite establishing sustainable utilities in India. Here sustainability is defined in versions of 3 Ps i.e. Profit, People and Planet – so utilities to become profitable, whether run by government or private; end-customers to get affordable, high quality services and increased choices; and production & consumption to be optimized for best environmental conservation.

But, why do we need such all-stakeholder cross utility platform? Is stakeholder engagement really an issue?Even if the answer is yes,is it big enough to act as bottleneck to all good efforts? Are there lessons to be learnt from other utilities that can expedite reforms? There are questions to be answered and IUKAN is a forum attempting to answer them.

IUKAN conference is being organized on 12th February at Le Meridian, Delhi.It is designed keeping in view all the possible stakeholder’s issues.We will have industry stalwarts and thought leaders sharing their perspectives. Some unique design elements of IUKAN conference are:

  1. First ever ‘Operational roll-out’ focused conference in Utility PPPs
  2. First ever conference to bring convergence of Water and Power Utilities
  3. Unique conference bringing all stakeholders together – Govt., Discoms, ULBs, Private Operators, New entrants, Service Providers, Regulators, NGOs, Investors, Customers, Consultants, Academics, R&D organizations and others
  4. Involvement of students through academic tie-ups to fuel mid-management resourcing and R&D in utility space

Key speakers include

Mrs. Isher Judge Ahluwalia, Chairperson, ICRIER

Mr. Sunil Wadhwa, CEO, IL&FS Energy

Mr. Ajoy Mehta, MD, MSEDCL

Mr. SambitoshMohapatra, Partner, PwC

Mr. Satheesh Kumar, CMD, Enzen

Mr. SudarshanSaini, Chief Commercial Officer, Tata Power

Mr. RejiPillai, President, Smart Grid Forum

Mr. Girish Muley, GM, IBM

Mr. AnanthChandramouli, Head E&U, Infosys

Mr. SadashivRao, CRO, IDFC

Mr. SudarshanMohatta, VP, SBI Caps

Mr. SudipSural, Director Corporate & Govt. Ratings, CRISIL


For more details please visit www.iukan.in. For delegate registration and corporate packages, please contact rishi.sahu@pmanifold.com.


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